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You are our why. We believe we are all meant to play a role in each other’s life – lifting-up, encouraging, sharing things we’ve learned and walking alongside one another in hope.

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Dan and Elizabeth Thorndike

how we got here

Our moment 2 moment masterpiece

Hi there! We are the crazy cool parents to 5 amazing and crazy cool kiddos. But, first, we are Dan and Elizabeth Thorndike – married 15 years and living this life one moment at a time. We have a full and blessed life, but we are clumsily tackling a journey we never foresaw ourselves living.

As a couple, we are complete opposites (except for our mutual disgust of liver). You can probably imagine a life journey with a large family, including adoption and special needs, can get pretty interesting. We have learned to do life with our circumstances purely by winging it. EVERYTHING we thought we knew about parenting has been laughed at and rewritten… several times.

So, here we are, coming to you from a place of struggle, not expertise. Our stories, thoughts and ideas have all come from parent fails, do-overs and the occasional “win.” In our house, small steps are celebrated in a big way. And, when we do have a hard day, a dance party can cure all. In addition, goofy behavior is welcomed and in large supply, and spontaneous day trips are a favorite family pastime.

our heart’s desire

to remind you a short dance party can make it better

As we start the next step in our life journey by inviting you to peer into our imperfect lives, we want to start by saying, ”We see you.” If your life has any resemblance whatsoever to ours, we see all of the hard work you pour into your family. We see all the sleepless nights trying to figure out how to bring ease to your situation. We see all the miles you have put on your car traveling to medical appointments and therapies. And we see how your marriage and relationships have struggled…because we have been there.

We See You

We have felt the isolation, the loneliness and the anger. We have missed the things we thought we would do as a family as we’ve struggled to embrace the reality. We have gotten lost trying to make this world a better place for our kiddos and found unique ways to help them thrive. We are the parents that can have a 30-minute dance party when a little one finally peed in the potty or actually uttered the word “mama” instead of signing it for the first time. These are the realities that fill our days and if we let them, enrich our lives.

We welcome you to join us as we struggle together. We promise to be fully vulnerable and transparent because, if we can connect with each other from these places, we will be fully alive and deep friendships can be found!

Encouragement and Support for Parents

this is our why

Encourage & Empower overwhlemed parents

The Thorndike 7 (plus 2 bunnies, 2 kitties, a beta fish, and a bearded dragon) live our lives moment to moment.

It is our desire to share our stories, both fails and wins, with other people that live a journey similar to ours. We hope to inspire you to embrace your journey, living moment to moment as well. We also desire to share tips and ideas that would help your own beautiful journeys be filled with more hope and less discouragement.

our philosophy on parenthood

Our philosophy on parenting is always in motion. We lead with kindness, try to create a culture of honor and apologize a lot.


Traveling this journey successfully takes endless forgiveness for ourselves, our spouse and our kids. We won’t always get it right and that’s ok.


Compassion and grace go hand in hand. It starts with pritorizing others in our home and overlooking wrongdoings even when the offense is real and the hurt deep.


Build a community of friends, mentors and people around us who get us – who understand our language and our challenges. It will make life easier and more enjoyable!


We could not survive our unique journey without our faith. It has been a steady in extremely difficult times as well as a place of surrender when we have reached our limits. When we have felt out of control, it has always been a soft place to land.


Our family loves adventure! It is organic in nature as what it looks like is ever changing, as abilities change. It is our place of rescue when life hits hard. It is our place of joy and brings family healing and unity. Adventure on!

Don't Fear Hard

Life has hard. It also has joy, laughter, celebrations, and wins! Our philosophy is to not fear the hard, but rather embrace it knowing on the other side, we will have more wisdom, faith, and integrity! Then, with all of these things, we can share our experiences with others.

blog authors

meet the writers

“Moment to moment” is the motto in our house. With our unique and colorful family situation, my husband and I find a richness in living this way. Each day is made up of a bunch of little moments that define the day and can define our attitude and how we view our gifts. Some moments are not so great while others can bring joy and celebration. The key for us is to recover from each moment and take one step forward to the next moment.

I asked God about 8 years ago to really make our moments count and to highlight the ones that refuel us as parents, partners and friends. He has been faithful, and now we have the honor of taking this step forward and publishing this blog. This is our next moment…

Author Elizabeth Thorndike

Elizabeth Thorndike

Introverted extrovert – that’s how I describe myself. I can start a conversation with any random person and be friends within minutes. However, I crave alone time, silence, quiet walks and God time!

I absolutely love being a mama but never knew how hard it would be, nor how deeply I could love. I have a wonderful partner who tolerates all of my quirks and still chooses me at the end of the day. We are on a life journey I never expected but would never change, and my favorite feeling is having the hands of those I love in mine.

I also love to laugh, great conversation and a glass of really good vino. When these things collide, my heart is full. I am not a professional writer but, after 14 years of being a wife and mother, I consider myself a professional “do-over” artist and use this skill daily. So, pull up a cozy, oversized chair and join me in a cup of great coffee. We’ll be friends in minutes.

Author Dan Thorndike

Dan Thorndike

Howdy! How do dudes describe themselves? Basically, I’m pretty simple. I am an engineer at heart. My passion is fixing cars and knowing how things work. I owned and operated an automotive repair shop for years but sold it to spend more time with what matters most – my family.

Transitioning from shop owner to a more active role in day-to-day parenting has been interesting, to say the least. I’ve had many fails, but I’m starting to log some wins in the playbook. During the rare instances I get a little downtime, I enjoy going on dates with my wife, a good microbrew, biking, hiking, playing basketball and going to movies by myself.

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