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Just Like You

by: Elizabeth Thorndike

Our beloved daughter Shelby got baptized a few Saturdays ago.  She had been asking for a while, and after some coaching through church, she was ready! She was over the moon excited and shared her news with everyone. I mean EVERYONE, at Starbucks, at the grocery store, on our church campus, and school mates. In fact, she invited EVERYONE!

I love this about Shelby. She is “all in” with most things. Her commitment to things is commendable; her hugs, her frustration, her heartache, and her excitement…ALL IN! She can bless your day with the ripple effect of her joy and passion for her world and her beliefs.

She also has hopes and dreams, just like you. Just like your typical kids. Just like your diverse needs kids. These hopes and dreams are powerful, and it just so happens that being baptized was one of those dreams.

Baptism day approached. It was at church after our Saturday evening service. So many blessings were already surfacing; my dear friend Dusty, who is a professional photographer, came to capture this amazing event, and other unexpected people were reaching out to say they would be there! I was overwhelmed with emotion as things unfolded.

Sara, one of the special needs program directors, pulled our family together and had Shelby’s village gather around. She asked Shelby a few questions, and her responses were quite shy, but lovely all the same. The 4 of us (Sara, Shelby, mom, and dad) entered the water. Shelby was quiet, but not nervous at all. We had played the baptism game in our swimming pool for weeks, so she felt comfortable. It worked!!!

just like you body prayer

Both Dan and I did the actual baptism, and it was beautiful. She hugged us both afterwards in her “all in” style, then proceeded to do a somersault in the water! True Shelby fashion! It was simply the best!!!

Shelby Baptism Summersault Body

We surrounded her with prayer afterwards and then took a group picture. As I look at it now, it brings tears to my eyes. What a village she gathered! All those that adore her! All because she asked!

just like you end

Love our Shelby girl!!!

Fellow parents, I know all your kiddos have hopes and dreams, yet sometimes society discounts that. Sometimes, even with the best of intentions, people can dismiss that. Our role as parents on our journeys is to help our own kiddos thrive and reach their dreams. I also feel it is our role to educate and change the world for our kiddos. We can find ourselves in hurtful, difficult, and even anger filled situations when we encounter someone who does not understand. However, this is a perfect opportunity to teach someone something. It takes grace and patience, but it can turn into a beautiful moment.

I have included the top 5 lists of hope and dreams from our 2 daughters with special needs:

just like you body shiloh

Shiloh (15):

  1. ) Shiloh wants to learn to cook and prepare meals.
  2. ) Go out on dates.
  3. ) Work somewhere in the fashion industry.
  4. ) Wants to own a lot more make-up.
  5. ) Wants her own cell phone.

Just like you body shelby

Shelby (12):

  1. ) Take a babysitting course.
  2. ) Wants to go to college.
  3. ) Desires to travel.
  4. ) Work at a coffee shop.
  5. ) Wants her own cell phone.

Parents and friends, we are all created equal and with a purpose. We know, as special needs parents, our kiddos DO have hopes and dreams just like everyone else. We know that they are blessed to have you in their lives helping them along the way to accomplish these goals and dreams. Will they all look the same? NO! But, they are all just as important and make this world a better place to live in.

just like you body girls

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