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Our Noise

by: Elizabeth Thorndike

It took me years of aggravation and frustration to figure out that our family has a noise. Of course, this sounds crazy, but it’s true. Your family has a noise too.

Years ago, we attended a private Christian school that had a program of inclusivity. Our family was welcomed with open arms and Shelby started preschool there. During her Kindergarten year, a family started that had a son on the spectrum. I remember meeting this precious family and their son. (We will call him Justin). I could tell they were humbled to be accepted at our school because their son was nonverbal and had been mis-understood at another school. Our teachers though, welcomed him and he became a very important part of his class.

Every Monday at our little school, we would start the week with a chapel. This was my favorite thing to attend. Elementary kids singing their hearts out to Jesus, nothing better. Justin also loved to worship. His screams and loud outbursts were his way of rejoicing and worshiping.

After the very first chapel of the school year, one of his classmates asked their teacher why Justin made those sounds during chapel. She simply responded, “That is his noise. We all have a noise”. It was a beautiful and profound statement. The student that asked seemed to love this answer and they quickly went on with the school day.

During the rest of the year, students never even batted an eye at Justin’s amazing sound. He was just part of the worship, part of the school. It was as it should be.

The reason I am sharing this story is that about a month ago, I was reminded of Justin, and his amazing noise. I had just collapsed on the couch on a Saturday afternoon feeling defeated because it was so chaotic in our home. There were constant directions and redirections. Constant fighting and forgiving. Constant learning and loving, and endless arguing. Basically, it was loud, all the time! As I was muttering complaints to God, I suddenly remembered Justin. I remembered his “noise” and how others beautifully accepted it. I felt God whisper “Elizabeth, this is just your noise. The Thorndike noise, and it is all okay.” I sat in thought for a moment. I realized I had everyone trapped with my expectations, and they were unrealistic. I somehow expected our family of 7 to live like a Pleasantville episode. Quiet, helpful siblings who sing and never argue! I expected our car rides with 7 people in our sexy 15 passenger van to sound like the Von Trapp Family Singers! It was unrealistic! I started to laugh right there on our couch amid my “pity party for one”! This crowded house filled with laughter, fighting, apologies, wrestling, and of course, dance parties was just OUR NOISE!

noise body resized

We all have a noise. Is it always pleasant? Heck no! But it is ours, and for that I am grateful!

Hey all you amazing people out there! What is your noise? Leave a comment on our Facebook or Instagram page. We would love to hear from you.

Whether you have adopted kids with trauma that cuss at the park, or you have a large family that sounds like a cross between “my big fat Greek wedding and a large Italian family” when all getting into the car for school, it is your noise. Own It! Please, for the love, don’t apologize for it. I know I have wasted too much time doing that.

Be blessed y’all!

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