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Rock your socks!

by: Elizabeth Thorndike

As most of you moms and dads know, March 21st was World Down Syndrome Day!!! This is a big celebration in our house. This year, surprisingly enough, it was Dollar Store for the win! The sock selection is amazing! We sported York peppermint patties, space jam, and cute butterflies to name a few. I always love a good bargain, so my heart was full when I found them.

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This day always sparks a great conversation with my two “homies with the extra chromies!” They both know they have DS and they both know that this is a great thing. However, this year they were at a point to know a bit more. We told them why it was on March 21st, and that this extra chromosome comes with awesomeness. That was it! A seed planted. That is how we have always postured ourselves around any diverse needs in our family. We plant seeds as the children grow. Sometimes, we water those seeds and sometimes even friends or teachers water them. The important part is for my girls and their siblings to embrace their differences and to highlight their abilities.

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This year, I was blessed to see all the response to “rock your socks day!” Our school did a big creative sock contest, and I had several friends send us pictures of their family rocking the socks. Knowledge is the key to understanding any difference. It is fear that keeps us separated. In our house, all questions are welcome. In fact, we love it when someone asks us about Down Syndrome, Autism, Adoption, and/or Cerebral Palsy. Our family has beautiful diversity, and our hope is that our kiddos live in a world where they are included and loved. I know that all my kiddos talk about their hopes and dreams, and my husband and I will help them follow them as far as they can carry them.

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As our girls grow in understanding of Down Syndrome, we feel it is also important for them to understand the full spectrum of living with an extra chromosome. For now, though, it is seeds!

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Next year, I plan on purchasing packs of socks, that you can find through the following links, and giving them as gifts to others on March 20th so we can all rock our socks together.,

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